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Generating Big Ideas

Winter 2011

Generating “Big Ideas” is key to strategic thinking. Big ideas are those that enable your company to grow considerably faster than others in the industry. They can be simple and straightforward, or big, bold and appear intimidating.

The understanding of ideation thinking has advanced significantly. Different from brainstorming, ideation requires critical thinking and a more structured approach to an end result. The ideation process is divided into four stages:


An idea not implemented adds zero to your balance sheet or income statement. This final step involves a lot of hard work, so remember why you started on this journey: you want your company to be a winner. Context has ideators and the ability to facilitate this process for you. Call us to discuss.

“Coming up with big ideas is an ultimate value activity to keep your company thriving in today’s intensely competitive marketplace.  Industry research shows that 80 percent of companies know big ideas are necessary for success, but only four percent know how to generate them!  Context’s leadership in strategic business consulting allows us a unique perspective to help companies working toward discovering, evaluating and implementing “Big Ideas” effectively.” – Context Principal, Mike Borel,