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Cassandra Oliveira

Fall 2016

Cassandra’s background spans both technical agricultural research and client services in marketing and consulting. Her laboratory and greenhouse research was focused on developing plant-based fuels and lubricants (UNI-NABL) as well as environmentally compatible plant growth regulators and nematicides(ValentBioSciences). Later, at a life science marketing agency (ChempetitiveGroup), she developed expertise in managing creative and digital marketing campaigns. At The Context Network, Cassandra has led work in long-term strategy development, agricultural sustainability strategy development and economic analysis, go-to-market analysis, and market/competitive insights.

Cassandra was raised on a corn, soy, and livestock farm in Iowa, but she is based in São Paulo, Brazil as of mid-2018. She is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and has had agricultural experiences in the states of Goiás, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Bahia and Pará. She is passionate about advancing agriculture and access to food for the people who need it most – particularly in developing nations and urban settings.