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Jay Vroom

Winter 2020

Jay Vroom retired from CropLife America (CLA) in summer of 2018 after 30 years as the organization’s President and CEO. CropLife is the national association for the crop protection and biotech industry and provides advocacy and public outreach for the sector. He also helped found and operate CLA’s non-ag specialty affiliate, RISE, from the early 1990’s.  Earlier in his career he worked in ag trade associations serving the grain, fertilizer and input retailer sectors. Vroom is now CIO for his family business, Vroom•Leigh•Agriculture, LLC.

He is engaged in a variety of business strategy, marketing and crisis communications, and government affairs consulting assignments. One of Jay’s new work engagements is with DCLRS as a Strategic Advisor.  In his spare time he provides volunteer service on the boards of the Soil Health Institute, FFA Foundation and Wheat Foundation. He earned a BS in Ag Science from the University of Illinois.

He and his wife Jamie live at McLean, Virginia, and both of themmaintain active management and ownership interests with their respective farm family operations in Illinois.