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Tiffany Agard

Winter 2020

Tiffany Agard joined The Context Network in 2017 from an agricultural consulting background focused in value chain research of row crops such as wheat, soy, and corn and tropical commodities such as coffee and cocoa. Her key focus is value chain research and engaging in private-public partnerships to enhance agricultural productivity and profitability. Within Context, Tiffany has conducted M&E analysis and field evaluations for a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation project on improving productivity in drought tolerant crops in West Africa. Additionally, she has helped develop curriculum and provide business advisory support to seed system value chain players as they work to incorporate new multiplication technology.

Before joining Context, Tiffany worked as a political and public affairs assistant to the US Embassy in The Gambia, where she led efforts with the FAO to identify regions at-risk for famine and assess agricultural rice policies and initiatives. Tiffany has also studied cocoa value chains and production in Ecuador, leading a team to engage in improved post-harvest techniques for cocoa and supporting consumer awareness campaigns for chocolate retail companies in the U.S.

Education & Certification
•BA, Harvard University in Government, minor in Anthropology

Tiffany has lived and worked in established and emerging markets, most notably, Latin America, Western Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa.