Partners for Advancing Agriculture ®

The Context Network™ launches new website

Fall 2015

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – (November 2, 2015) Across the globe, clients of The Context Network™ now have access to a new website ( The newly launched, integrated and mobile-optimized website provides access to the ready resources and many services that the premier, global agribusiness consulting firm offers to help each client achieve remarkable results and advance agriculture.

Context Partner, Mike Borel said, “We’re pleased to share our website with everyone involved in the agriculture industry. This update is our opportunity to expand the information and resources we provide our clients.”

Borel said the new website helps clients clearly understand the nine distinctive agricultural sectors they serve. “Our website, the information provided and the video help explain how we work, creating customized business solutions across the value chain. As expressed in our new tagline, we are Partners for Advancing Agriculture. We are fully committed to our clients and their efforts to make agriculture better – more productive, more efficient, and more sustainable.”

For more than 20 years, Context has provided strategic management insights and expertise to clients across the globe. Borel added, “Today, with more than 50 percent of our business conducted outside of the U.S., Context’s reputation continues to drive demand for our services. As we support clients’ success, we contribute materially to agriculture and further deliver on society’s growing demands for food, feed, fiber and renewable energy.”

He added, “During the past several years alone Context has experienced dramatic growth as demand for our consulting services has significantly increased. We continue to partner with leading and promising organizations meet our clients’ demands in strategy consulting, management consulting and insights. Through additional exposure on our website, we look forward to meeting new clients and helping them advance agriculture effectively.”

The Context Network is the world’s premier business management and strategy consulting firm providing services to agriculture, biotechnology, and food companies, and to government entities and NGOs. We help each client achieve remarkable results and advance agriculture via customized business solutions. Major areas of expertise include: strategy development, opportunity analysis, R&D assessments, merger and acquisition support, product/portfolio management, regulatory compliance, industry benchmarking, competitive intelligence, and marketing intelligence/research. Context is comprised of a core of professional executive consultants and is complemented by a global network of hundreds of industry and subject matter experts on-site worldwide.

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