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The Power of Benchmarking

Winter 2013

Each year since 2007, Context has conducted benchmarking studies for the crop protection manufacturers in North America. Individual, customer reports are made available to subscribers, providing them with both a “big picture” and a “close up” view of their industry, and more importantly, a keen perspective as to where and how they measure up.

This unique, qINStory6Image1auality study represents a supermajority of the industry involve
d in the segment. It contains accurate, consolidated financials, uses workable definitions consistently applied (to assure apples to apples comparisons), and incorporates process steps to test and retest accuracy and adherence to definitions.


Benchmarking provides companies with a set of standards that can be used as a point of reference for evaluating performance, and/or a level quality. Benchmarks may be drawn from a firm’s individual experience or juxtaposed to the experiences of other firms in the industry.  The comparative elements in a benchmarking study of this nature require an exceptionally high level of proven integrity to assure and deliver full confidentiality of individual company information. It also demands a solid experience-base to provide industry understanding, and to discern what important information is also highly valuable to your firm. Context delivers on each of these points.

Context launched its eighth benchmarking study with the 2014 Benchmarking for Crop Protection / Pest Management Manufacturers in North America. In addition we are launching a South American study.  

In the studies issued to date, shifts in what constitutes “best in metric” are common and significant.  Relative position shifts are also common.  Subscriber feedback has continued to be very positive. We are very pleased to work together with our subscribers to optimize the value of information gleaned from the studies.

INStory6Image3aIndividual company reports include:

  • Comparisons, by metric, of the subscribing company to the range and average of the top 10, basics and generics, and covering each of two years
  • Analysis of year-to-year changes, how did the range and weighted averages change
  • 5 year trend charts on key metrics
  • Basics compared to generics
  • Discounts and rebates, how are they trending both overall and by product type
  • Which metrics show the highest variability
  • Which metrics increased the most, which decreased the most
  • Recommendations, i.e. based on the data, what should be recognized and celebrated; what should be evaluated for value realized or cost saving; what should be evaluated for additional resources

INStory6Image4bKnowing your company’s positioning relative to competitors is a valuable, constructive and strategic tool, and it will be available again in 2014 to subscribers who are interested in the value an accurate external dimension in business performance can bring them in crop protection and pest management.

INStory6Image5bBut it doesn’t have to stop at those parameters. Context has the capability and integrity to craft and conduct a benchmarking study for your industry as well – seed, equipment, fertilizer or other areas are ready to be explored.

Contact Context Partner, Mike Borel at or call 925-937-4180.