The Context Network excels in identifying global patterns to drive change, including industry benchmarking, responsible supply chain analysis, collecting intelligence, and developing multi-client reports that you can use to grow your success. We provide fresh insights and actionable information even in areas where basic data is limited or non-existent.



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The agricultural biologicals market is diverse, complex, and rapidly growing. To outline the state of this market, Context expanded and updated the Global Agricultural Biologicals Market Report 2022 to provide the subscriber with:

  1. The current state of the global agricultural biologicals market
  2. Key trends influencing the direction of the market
  3. An analysis of commercial and technical developments and emerging technologies
  4. A comprehensive appendix including patent analysis, company profiles, deals and agreements, acquisitions, and recent product launches.


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The Biotech Traits Commercialized Study focuses on industry pipeline biotech transgenic and non-transgenic (breeding/gene edited) traits across crops, regions, and technologies globally.

The study contains a scientific perspective on the state of biotechnology in the ag industry, current trends and challenges, and future innovations that hold promise for continued advancements. Subscribers receive a summary ppt as well as data sets including:  Industry Deals, Trait Licensing Agreements, Global Regulatory Approval, Global Crop Permitting Applications, Trait R&D Pipelines, and Commercialized Biotech Traits.


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The 2023 U.S. Ag Retailer Study provides subscribers with an intimate knowledge of the current issues facing the agricultural retail industry and the impact they will have in the near-term on all market participants, from independent retailers to coops to large, integrated distributors. The study is focused on retail agronomy: Crop Protection, Fertilizer, Seed and Agronomy Services.

The study is divided into three sections:

  • Industry Overview – a thorough summary of the current state of the U.S. ag retail market, including market size and growth, competitive landscape, trends in product and service offerings, and industry projections, and perspectives on current & future trends in product and service offerings based on 100+ retailer interviews.
  • Key Drivers – a current and detailed analysis of the 12 potentially disrupting issues the retail channel is facing today. Along with an evaluation of the unprecedented challenges and opportunities these issues present that channel members will need to navigate.
  • Competitor Profiles – includes 30 in-depth profiles and location level data of the top retailers and distributors that represent over 60% of the sales in the U.S. agricultural retail market.


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As a subscriber to this multi-client asset, you will gain access to the Carbon Markets platform. The platform includes the most updated content available on demand as well as news and video commentary on significant updates.

The platform includes:

  1. Comprehensive database of information (policies, markets, technologies etc.) in an editable, searchable, and sortable Excel file
  2. Executive summary with analysis on the status of carbon policies, markets and technologies with implications for key players in agriculture presented as a short PowerPoint presentation
  3. Periodic newsletter of updates and implications of the news and video interviews with top experts sharing insights