By focusing on market assessment, competitive landscape, option evaluation, technical development, policy decisions and more, we are able to provide you with the strategic perspectives you need to outperform your competition.

We are positioned to help you develop and execute a plan that deploys organizational capital to more effectively address your goals, regardless of where you are in the planning process. Our team has extensive experience assisting leaders at both large and small companies to determine how they can best use their firms’ strengths to increase profitability and gain competitive advantage.

For example, we have the expertise to assist with:

Developing a Strategy

At The Context Network®, we can help you develop a sound strategy that capitalizes on your organization’s strengths to increase profitability and gain competitive advantage.


Analyzing Market Attractiveness

Our process of analyzing market priorities is designed to help you focus on creating value or social benefits.


Assessing Opportunities

To help your organization assess potential opportunities, Context delivers objective measurements to determine the likelihood of success.

Conducting R&D Optimization

At Context, we can help you to identify R&D projects that are fully aligned with your strategy, and use them to grow the value of your business.

Prioritizing Pathways

By prioritizing pathways based on the long-term value they will create for your business we can help you focus on building a stronger, more efficient organization.