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Lubos Grepl

Summer 2021

Lubos is a senior executive leader with more than 35 years of experience in the Agricultural Ecosystem developing and operationalizing strategies on the board of sector-leading companies, innovators, and startups. In the last three years, Mr. Grepl was successfully operating his consultancy & advisory business, advising professionals, market leaders, and Startup’s with insights on business development and transformations with innovative market-based solutions. He is always passionate about identifying and embracing innovative technologies that bring improvements in the ecosystem, increase efficiency to allow agriculture to achieve significant sustainability gains in a response to climatic and regulatory requirements. From the early ’90s until 2018 held various leadership positions at Monsanto and Syngenta, in Central and Southeast Europe. Some of these experiences include:

  • General Management, Marketing, Sales experience, developing and implementing innovative Go-To-Market approaches
  • EU Regulatory system and new policies landscape ( e.g. European Green Deal, Farm to Fork Strategy ) shaping the EU Ecosystems
  • Carbon Framing Framework incl Carbon sequestration initiatives and implementation from the EU policy and business opportunity perspectives
  • Extensive Familiarity & Experience in Central and Eastern Europe markets incl Turkey, Israel with a focus on growers/customers universe
  • Strong Strategy & Management capabilities incl. strategy execution and the implementation drivers
  • Seed, CP, Biologicals, Seed Treatment Knowledge & Expertise
  • Focused on post-integration, merger organizational setups, and business models for simplicity, efficiency, and gains